Here we provide your some points of solutions for using Netra 360 GPS Vehicle tracking system. If you also find some difficulties you can contact to our support team.

Question Is it possible to hide the tracking device from my drivers ?

Yes, it is. As a GPS tracking device is smaller in size, it can be easily hidden away from your driver.

Question Can i install GPS tracker my self ? Should i seek any expert help regarding it ?

Yes you can install GPS tracker yourself easily. It is quite simple and all you need to do is to follow the instructions in the manual. And you should also help of any expert in case any complication.

Question Which reports can generate with GPS tracking system ?

You can generate multiple reports with GPS tracker like Vehicle running & stop report, Speed vs Distance report, Fuel report, Ac report, Ignition report, Temperature report, Trip report.

Question Is GPS really accurate ?

Yes , we are providing 99 % accuracy which is higher then others.

Question Is GPS tracking System is difficult to use ?

No, we developed our design very simple and smooth so any industries persons also use easily. Although, your are getting difficulties then contact to our experts they will provide you complete solutions.

Question What are benefits of using GPS vehicle tracking system ?

  • Stolen vehicle easily track & recover.
  • Provide better estimated arrival times.
  • Monitor vehicle stop points.
  • Check on-rout complications.
  • Track driver safety by monitoring travel patterns and vehicle speed.
  • Monitor vehicle use after work hours also.
  • You can design
    Geo- fence so if your vehicle drive out of geo fencing you will get alert.

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