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Children are the foremost precious and valuable to any parent. Even the thought of losing your child for just a brief moment gives you that terrifying feeling of utmost panic. No parents can not even imagine losing their child but it happens. In 2019 nearly 60,000 children went missing in India, however, a serious portion of that got found but a number of them are still missing & were never found. This shows that there’s a requirement of kid tracker system to stay children safe.

Children go missing each year in India

# Benefits of Child Tracker System

The benefits of using GPS tracker for youngsters are the subsequent :

1. Know the live location of your child: By Placing a GPS tracker in your children’s backpack you’ll track their location, where he/she goes , is your child getting to school or elsewhere , or they’re in any problem. So with the assistance of a GPS tracker, you’ll get to understand of these things about your child. Suppose it’s 9 p.m. and your child hasn’t reached home yet and you’re getting worried about them but when your child features a GPS tracker in their backpack then you’ll track your child’s current location.

2. Get notified when he exits school premises: Mark home, school or the other place as a secure zone to urge a moment push notification whenever it enters or exits from safe – zone. By doing this you’ll get to understand about your child’s safety & are going to be ready to track his/her current location. It keeps you updated for all of your entries and exits with the timestamp.

3. Analyse daily stats: When your Children goes outside e.g. friends’ birthday party, tuition or any other place with Kid tracking system, Then you can check his Speed, Location , Route and Hold Places in your Mobile with help of Netra360 GPS Tracking Application.

4. Easy to setup: it’s very small hardware and may be hidden anywhere. you’ll put this GPS tracker anywhere means anywhere even during a small pocket of a faculty bag.

5. Know the route history: This feature will give the oldsters all the knowledge regarding the precise route taken by their children. Additionally, it’ll provide information about all the stoppages made. This data also can help to effectively plan and deploy the resources within the future. This ensures that any unnecessary wastage of your time and resources is avoided.

6. Mark areas: This feature enables the oldsters to line up geofences in order that they receive notifications whenever their children enter or exit the designated areas. This reduces the probability of youngsters abruptly leaving their school and child tracker system plays a crucial role during this

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Looking to Place for a GPS tracker to track your child ?

Are you looking to shop for a GPS tracker to track your child? Netra360 GPS Tracker provides you with the best- in- class features which can assist you to watch your children effectively. This improves their performance and you’ll also get comprehensive reports on the idea of various parameters to shop for now on Amazon India.

# Key Features of Netra360 Kid Tracker

Kid Tracker for school children who are going to school or outdoor activity, Parents can track kid’s live location in their mobile phone by Netra360 Gps Child tracking system. You can use it as Personal Tracker also for girls, women, teenagers and the elderly | Senior Citizen. Because of its small size, it is often placed in a bag or a pocket also. This Kid tracker tracks your loved ones on a mobile app or on your computer also with many advanced features. The Kid tracking device keeps your loved ones as well as valuable assets safe!


Track your Kids, children, family, employees also as colleagues in real-time by Netra360 child tracking system. This feature enables you to trace your valuable things or loved ones within the times with exact location instantly.


Netra360 GPS tracking app enables you to make zones for tracking your Kid, Children, friends, family, employees also as colleagues. It alerts you each time the concerned person enters or exits the designated area.


This is the key feature of the Netra360 Kid Tracker. It helps to send alerts in real-time with the entire location details of the device by press the SOS button.


Don’t have time to trace your Kid, child, friends, family, employees also as colleagues in real-time?  Then, you’ll check their movements and related was about within the last 30 days, on only one screen, and never worry about them again.


Netra360 Kid Tracker has a unique feature to store offline GPS data, which suggests it’ll store the tracking device locations even when your device is offline (GPRS unavailable and GPS available) and post the offline historic date to the server as soon because the device is online and connected to GPRS.


Child tracking system comes with a chargeable battery which will work for 3-4 days. You will easily recharge plug it to power and recharge it for a few hours.

Here you can extend battery life with a time interval, Max Time interval = Max battery life

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